Touch Option

Touch Option is the option with the largest payouts. You’ll receive your profit if you managed to predict not only the asset rate movement, but also whether this movement was strong enough to reach a certain level.

Advantages of the Touch Option
High payouts (from 105% to 500%)
Large selection of assets for trading
Works great at the time news is released
Suitable for many trading strategies
How to make money on the Touch Binary Option

To earn with the Touch Option, you need to determine whether the rate of the selected asset will reach (“touch”) the target level.

Note that unlike in the Digital Option, you will receive profit when the asset rate has reached the target level, you do not need to wait for the expiry time of the option. That means that if you opened a deal with the expiration time of 15:30, and the rate has reached the target level at 15:20, then the deal will close with a profit at 15:20.