Self education

We have prepared a large number of materials that will allow you to independently master the binary options trading. We recomment to start with с Learn how to trade. There you’ll find basic information about binary option trading.
You can read the description of binary optons types, especially the most popular ones: “Digital” and “Turbo” option. In these sections you’ll find main concepts of trading and tips about various types of options.
Also you should learn mpre about change deal tools, they can help you to increase the average profit of the trade and total profitability of trading.
It will also be useful to read the list of assets,available for trading. These are shares of well-known companies (such as Apple, Facebook), commodities traded on various stocks exchanges (Oil, Gold), currencies and crypto (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, Bitcoin), stock indices (Dow Jones, NASDAQ). These sections provide a brief background on these assets and give advice on how to trade them.
Please read the section How to forecast market movement, in this section you will find descriptions of services that will help you to determine whether the price of the selected asset will go above or below.
Knowing the theory by itself will not allow you to become a successful trader. Study the training materials and start real money trading by investing a minimum amount in one trade. To start trading open trading account, and deposit fund to it. Minimum deposit amonunt is 5$ only.

What is binary options trading?
How to make binary options trading profitable?