Safe trading

All clients funds are held on segregated accounts of leading banks, quoted by major international rating agencies Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s.

What is a segregated account

Segregated accounts means that all funds from clients trading accounts are held separately from company’s own funds, that are used for operating activities financing. It means that the client can any moment withdraw his funds, like they were stored in his own safe-deposit box.

What happens with my money after I have deposit them to my trading account

All clients funds deposited to his trading account come directly to the segregated account.

To provide brokerage activities: adequate level of service support, product development and service innovation, hedging transactions, as well as for business activities, the company uses only Migesco own working capital.
Migesco has liquidity and equity that significantly exceeds stated demand.

The company employs a risk management committee (reports directly to the Company Board), which is responsible for client funds safety, considering the specific client requests to increase the financial transactions limits, supervises the execution of procedures and official documents of the company.

Are there any additional guarantees of client funds safety

Yes, there are. Migesco has a license of Center of relations regulation in the financial markets (CROFR) № CPF 0395 AA Vv0112. CROFR is the one of the most respected binary options brokers regulatory bodies on the Russian market.

The main goal of the work on regulation of the company activity is to ensure the clients funds protection and guarantee the fulfillment of obligations. CROFR is an instrument of dispute resolution and has a compensation fund.

How safe are financial transactions in Migesco

All clients financial data is transmitted over a secure encrypted channel using SSL and processed with the highest security standards, including PCI DSS. For your safety, please make sure that you visit secure version of the site. Click the “Lock button” in your browser, and make sure that your connection to the site is secure.

Using best practices in the field of payment solutions, the company provides clients with an access to the full range of options for deposits and withdrawals such as bank cards, QIWI, Yandex.Money, WebMoney, bank accounts.

Migesco keeps to strict rules in the field of identity verification, avoiding withdrawal without severe document checking. These requirements are intended solely to ensure client funds safety, we want to be sure to transfer funds to the client card account or electronic wallet.

Is it possible to reduce the risk of my trades

Clients who trade binary options with Migesco always have the opportunity to make an informed decision with respect to the risks of the deals. Binary options or options with a fixed profit level implies that the client always knows each deal profit level, and thus the risk is limited and well known in advance.