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How can I learn how to trade binary options? All new traders have the same question. Of course, it is quite simple to understand how to trade binary options on Migesco trading platform, but if you want to find out how to start successful binary options trading, earn money on it and enjoy your work on the world financial markets, it will take some time and quite an effort.

How to learn binary options trading: trading and learning at one time

It is quite simple to understand how to trade binary options. You just have to look at our trading platform, which is convenient and easy to understand and start binary options trading!

All the necessary information is available at the trading platform. Choose an asset, direction of rate change – Call or Put, enter the amount of your deal –and that’s it! Start with the simplest binary option “Digital”, with the most popular assets – EUR/USD, oil, shares of Apple or Facebook, trade following the news and keep trading journal. System approach and trading discipline will help you to learn how to trade binary options by your own.
If anything is not clear enough you can always contact client support service or your personal assistant.
This approach is perfect for those who prefer to learn in practice, or for those who are already familiar with online trading on stock exchange or the forex market.Start trading

Individual educational course “How to trade binary options”

Migesco offers a unique educational service – Individual educational course by the phone or via Skype.
The training program is prepared individually for each client. You can choose a convenient time and duration of your educational course, you may select special program blocks and place them in any order you like. This educational course aims to help traders of all skill levels to find how to trade binary options in the shortest possible time.
Individual educational course is available for free.
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Learn how to trade binary options on your own

Not all traders are ready to start trading immediately, preferring to learn binary options trading in the theory first and start trading only after they have complete understanding of trading. All information about profitable trading, you will find on our website.
We have prepared significant set of educational materials that will allow you to learn all about binary options trading by yourself.
We recommend to start with our guide “Binary options, Step-by-step”. You will learn how to open an account, make first deals and some information about first steps in binary options
trading, descriptions of analytical services that allow to make binary options trading even more profitable.Self-education plan