Migesco offers unique
trading terms - increased til 88% payout.
Increased payments are a powerful tool that allows you to earn a lot more on binary options trading
80% 88%
Trade amount $100 $100
Net payout $80 $88
$8 — seems to be a small difference! But experienced traders make more than 100 trades per month, therefore, their profits multiply.
Let's nave a look how mich money could even unexpirienced trader without any trading strategy
can earn if he uses "increased payout" in comparison with the same
trader who trades on standard trading terms.
$ 1 000
Profit per month with increased payments 88%
$ 1 200
Profit per month without increased payout
$ 100
We have considered the option when payout is increased by 8%.
Depending on the account type Migesco offers increased by 3%, 5% and 8% payout