How to forecast market movements

Migesco developed a large number of services that help to predict changes in exchange rates of assets, and are designed to make binary options trading even more profitable.
At the beginning of each week our clients get Trading plan – calandar of key events of upcoming week that will allow you to earn on binary options trading. Trading plan includes all major economic indicators that will be published during the week and trading recommendations. Trading plan is an exclusive product that allows traders to plan their trades for the week ahead.
Each morning we publish Market pulse – a brief overview of all major financial events of the day.
Economic calendar helps you to find most interesting events that allow to make profitable deals. Most important economic indicators, public statements of major companies officials, events that affect the world economy are published in the economic calendar published. It may be used for currencies and stock trading.
Trading signals – are specific trading recommendations that are based on multiple technical indicators. You can rely on these signals and or use them together with other market forecasting methods.
e-book “Binary options trading. A Practical Guide” introduces you to the various methods of forecasting, the basics of technical and fundamental analysis.
In order to make your binary options trading educational process easier you can order an individual educational course. Contact your Personal assiatant Personal assistant, and he will introduce you to all the service that allow to make your trading even more profitable.
Also you can order Consultation with senior analyst, who can preapare individual trading plan for you taking into account your investment objectives, time convenient for you trading and your knowledge of specific industries.