What is Migesco?
Migesco is a brand of Optima Capital – financial brokerage company providing binary option trading and earning possibilities.
What is a binary option?
Binary option is a financial tool you use to get a predetermined profit in case you guess the right asset rate movement (for a product, stock, currency or market average). Find the detailed information at: Binary options: easy, fast and profitable?
What are the binary options advantages?
You make profit even with the insignificant asset rate movement. The deal expiration time is short: from one minute to one month. Find the detailed information at: Binary options: easy, fast and profitable.
How can I earn on binary options?
You have to choose an asset (product, stock, currency or market average) you’re going to trade, choose the asset rate movement (is it going to go up or down) and enter the deal amount (the money you’re going to invest in the bargain). When opening the deal, the money amount is written off your account. When the option expires (at your option, it can be one minute before or after opening the deal) the deal amount is credited to your trading account with the profit if your forecast was true and you guessed the right asset rate movement. Find the detailed information at: How to start trading.
How much can I earn?
For the most popular binary option and asset types, the profit makes 80%, i.e. if you invest $100 into the deal you make $80. But it does not mean that you can make $800 if you open 10 deals with $100 investment. You can never make a 100% forecast and you’ll lose in some deals. If 7 deals of 10 are profitable (and it’s quite possible) you’ll earn $260. You can spend from several minutes up to several days to open 10 bargains depending on what option expiration time you choose. But, please, note that you must have at least $500 to open the deal for $100 or you’ll have to risk a great share of your deposit.
Are there any trading commission fees?
There are no trading commission fees.
When does the deal expire?
The expiration time is from 1 minute to 1 month. Read more in the detailed information of the most popular Digital Option.
When can I trade?
How can I start earning?
You need to open and deposit funds to your trading account. Read more at How to start trading.
How can I open an account?
To open an account you have to fill in the form. After you complete it, the trading account is opened automatically. Open a trading account.
How much do I need to start trading? What are the minimum deal amount and the minimum credit?
The minimum deal amount is 1$. The minimum amount you need to open an account is 5$.Still we recommend to open an account for at least $500 to start trading so that you don’t risk a great amount share in every deal and have all the options available at our trading platform at your disposal.
How can I deposit funds to my trading account?
We recommend to deposit funds to your trading account with the bank card; your account wil be credited in seconds and you can start trading immediately. You can also e-money to deposit funds to your account. How to deposit.
What is Digital, Touch Up/ Down, etc.?
These are the binary options types.
What is a payout?
What is the expiration time?
Expiration time is the moment when your forecast correctness and the profit receiving probability are checked.Read more in the description of the most popular Digital Option».
What is time to invest?
Time to invest is a moment till which you can open a deal with the mentioned expiration time. Read more in the description of the most popular Digital Option.»
What is the target price?
It’s the price to compare the asset rate to: it can be higher or lower than the target rate by the option expiration time. Read more in the description of the most popular Digital Option asset type.»
What is autotrading?
This function allows to increase profits exponentially if several deals in sequence are profitable. In this case, the deal profit is automatically invested in the following bargain.
What is the Change button in the open deal window mentioned for? Why can’t I click it?
This button allows to perform operations with the open deals including the advance deal closing, prolonging till the following expiration time or doubling. The deal operations are available at least 5 minutes after the deal is opened and at least 10 minutes before the option expiration time. Read more at: Change deal tools.
Can I cancel the open deal?
Yes, you can, at least 5 minutes after the deal is opened and at least 10 minutes before the option expires. To do that, click the Change button in the open deal window. Read more at: Change deal tools.
What is the maximum deal amount?
The maximum deal amount is $500. The client may increase it to $5000. If you want to open a  deal with other amount you can negotiate it with the Financial Department.
Where can I see my deal history?
You can see your deal history in your Personal Account in the Deal History section.
What is MyMigesco and how can I get there?
MyMigesco – is the protected website section where the account information, transaction history and bonus information are stored. There you can credit your account and complete the cash withdrawal application. To log into your Personal Account, you have to enter your registration e-mail and password in the upper right corner of the website.
Why is the trading option for the asset unavailable?
Trading operations for different asset and option types are available within specified time limits. Read more about the trading time limits at Assets for trading.
How can I withdraw my income or cash from the account?
You can withdraw money from your trading account via:

  • bank card
  • QIWI wallet
  • WebMoney
  • Yandex.Money
  • bank wire

Learn more: withdrawal methods.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
The minimum withdrawal amount is $10, learn more Withdrawal.
How long does the withdrawing process take?
The payment department processes the withdrawal applications within 3 working days. The time of money withdrawl to your account depends on the chosen method of withdrawal and can be from 1 to 5 days from the date of processing the application. As a rule, transfers to electronic purses (QIWI wallet and Yandex.Money) occur faster, transfers to a bank account and bank card take longer. Learn more at Withdrawals .
Do you have withdrawal commission?
ОOnce a month, you can withdraw money from your trading account with no commission. All other withdrawals commission depend on the withdrawal method. ПLearn more at Withdrawals .
How can I track my withdrawal request?
In order to track withdrawals please select “Withdrawal requests” in MyMigesco.
The status of my withdrawal request has changed. What’s happening?
After confirming the completed form, your withdrawal request will appear in the tab “Status” with the status “ Waiting “.
When status is changed to “ Processing ” means that your application is accepted for review.
Status “ Request for documents ” means that you need to send documents confirming your identity. To ensure the security and safety of your funds, the company performs verification when withdrawing funds. Usually, this is a scan copy of your passport, a scan copy of the bank card.
Status “ Confirmed ” means that the application was submitted for execution to the payment department.
Status “ Money transferred to user” means that the money was sent to your account.
Can I withdraw any bonuses from my account?
You can withdraw your bonus after you meet the trade amount requirement. Read more about Bonus.
Is it safe to deposit my account with the credit card?
The card information is transferred via the secure encrypted channel using SSP-protocol and is processed in compliance with the highest security standards including PCI DSS.
Where can I apply in case of a conflict situation?
Company employees try to resolve all disputable situations by negotiation, nevertheless, our clients, if necessary, have the opportunity to apply to the regulator, Migesco’s activity is regulated by «FMRRC ».
Where is my money stored?
The money from the Customers’ trading accounts is stored at the generated accounts of the largest European banks separately from the Company’s proprietary funds.
Do you receive any profit from the Client’s loss?
We have profit from the trade transactions, i.e. the percentage from the total amount of all the customers’ bargains and transactions. Thus, we have more profit if the customers don’t lose but open more deals for bigger amounts.