Consultation with Senior analyst

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Migesco traders can use the “Financial analyst consulting” service.Migesco’s experienced financial analysts, who have experience working on a wide variety of financial platforms, help to select the most appropriate trading assets, options types, gives information about markets forecasts, and offer proven trading strategies.

The analyst conducts individual consultationswith the company’s traders, gives recommendations on different assets, analyzes the main financial events of the day and gives a forecast on on selected assets movements.
Experts of the analytical department of our company develop trading recommendations, which the trader can receive via test message or e-mail. Text alerts are especially popular among the traders of the company, because they allow not to miss important financial events of the day and open a profitable deal.
Financial analysts at Migesco have prepared and tested several trading strategies, some of them are availabe for free. In addition to standard strategies, analysts offer advanced trading strategies, based on both technical and fundamental analysis.
A professional analyst can draw up and offer a individual trading plan based on the wishes and requests of the trader, taking into account investment objectives, knowledge, accumulated experience and trading hours.
At the trader’s request, the analyst can conduct an individual trade overview and give practical recommendations on trading. As a rule, traders make the same mistakes in trading, and these mistakes negatively affect trading profitability. The analyst will check all trading operations of the trader, analyze the correctness of money management rules usage. Such an analysis allows to give recommendations, that will bring an immediate effect and will significantly increase the profitability and stability of trading.
Investment portfolio development is an important task for the analytical department. The analyst, basing on the trader’s requests, will analyze the assets available for trading, set payments on various types of options and select assets with specific investment recommendations that will achieve the profit target. Investment portfolio is a set of investments that have been invested in various directions in order to reduce the risks that arise when investing in one asset. If you plan long-time and profitable investment, usage of several financial instruments is inevitable. Investment portfolio is an opportunity to secure your investments.

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