Binary options market review, August, 17

August, 17
  • At 09:00 UTC Eurostat will present inflation data, it is expected that the consumer price index will remain at a high level of 2.1%. Earlier, the European Commission lowered forecasts for the development of the Eurozone economy due to trade wars between the US and China and rising oil prices.
  • At 12:30 UTC Canada will publish data on inflation, the volume of foreign investment in Canadian securities and the volume of purchases of foreign securities by residents.
  • Brent crude is traded at $71,315, WTI at $64.8. At 17:00 UTC Baker Hughes data on the number of active drilling rigs will be published, last week there were 869.
  • Boeing stocks gained 4.28% and reached $345.97. The main factor of the company’s growth is the growth of commercial aircraft deliveries and improvement of the company’s business worldwide, the tension in the trade relations between the US and China becomes a negative factor for the company’s shares.
  • Tesla’s CEO Ilon Mask said he did not plan to give up the double role of chairman and CEO of Tesla. Earlier Mask said that he was ready to turn Tesla into a private company, buying shares at a price of $420. Mask statements cause sharp movements in the Tesla’ stocks price, Tesla stocks are traded on our platform from 13:30 UTC.

Binary options market review, August, 16

August, 16
  • Australia submitted a report on employment, which showed a decline in employment to a mark of -3.9K. The country’s economy and the Australian dollar rate are adversely affected by tensions between the US and China and a slowdown of growth in China. AUD/USD is trading at around $0.727.
  • At 08:30 UTC UK will publish data on retail sales. According to the forecast, sales growth will be 0.2%, in June retail sales decreased to -0.5%. The data, other than the forecast, will cause sharp short-term movements of GBP/USD.
  • At 12:30 UTC data on constructionin will be published the US: the number of construction permits and the volume of construction of new houses. The US Department of Labor will publish data on the number of initial applications for unemployment benefits.
  • Oil regains position after a sharp decline the day before. Data from the US Department of Energy showed a growth in inventories well above the forecast of 6.805M, although a decrease to -2.499M was expected.
  • The stocks of Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc restaurant network, which are available for trading on our platform from 13:30 UTC, rose sharply yesterday, adding 6.59%. New company management that focuses on more effective use of limited advertising campaigns has a positive impact on companies’ stocks.

Binary options market review, August, 15

August, 15
  • According to the UK National Statistics Office, the consumer price index remained at an annualized rate of 2.5%, in the monthly rate it rose above the forecast to the level of 0.0%.
  • At 12:30 UTC data on sales in the US will come out, it is expected that the base retail sales index will remain at 0.4%, retail sales will drop to 0.2%.
  • The data of the American Petroleum Institute showed an increase of 3,660M barrels, which is higher than the forecast of 2.5M barrels. Today the cost of oil will be affected by the data of the US Energy Information Agency, which will be published at 14:30 UTC forecast: decrease to -2,499M.
  • The ethereum wins yesterday’s losses: ETH/USD already trades above 286. Yesterday, all cryptocurrencies fell sharply after the publication of a message that investors who participated in the ICO are withdrawing their money because of concerns about the fall of the cryptocurrencies value.  
  • McDonald’s stocks gained 1.5% yesterday. Earlier the company reported that it plans to invest almost $3 billion in modernization and repair of its network restaurants in 2018 and 2019. The company’s stocks are traded from 13:30 UTC with a payout of 178%.

Binary options market review, August, 14

August, 14
  • Turkish lira has stabilized after a strong fall caused by US sanctions and rising tariffs for steel and aluminum. On Monday, the Central Bank of Turkey presented a plan to overcome the crisis.
  • Today, the UK National Statistics Office will provide data on employment, it is expected that wage growth taking into account the premiums will reach 2.5%, the unemployment rate will remain at 4.2%.
  • At 09:00 UTC preliminary data on Eurozone GDP for the second quarter of 2018 will be published, it is expected that GDP growth at an annual rate will reach 2.1%, in quarterly – 0.3%. Earlier, data on Germany’s GDP was published, showing annual growth of 2.3%, which is below the forecast.
  • Prior to the market opening, the largest network of sales tools and products for repair Home Depot will submit quarterly reports, according to the forecast, earnings per share will grow to $2.84. The stocks are available for trading from 13:30 UTC with a payout of 178%.
  • Oil prices rise after Saudi Arabia’s largest exporter cut production to prevent the extra oil in the market. At 20:30 UTC the American Petroleum Institute (API) will publish data on the weekly crude oil reserves in the US, the decline in inventories will support the high cost of oil.

Binary options market review, August, 13

August, 13
  • The Turkish lira collapse continues to affect negatively many assets: developing countries’ currencies, stock indices, shares of European companies are declining. The actions of the Central Bank of Turkey and the call of Erdogan to sell dollars and euro have not yet led to an improvement, the lyre continues to decline.
  • The Russian ruble continues to decline towards the US dollar and the euro, the pair USD/RUB overcame another psychological mark – 68. The ruble began to decline to world currencies after another tightening of the US sanctions policy.
  • Gold is trading at $1 205, the decline in the value of gold happened because of US dollar strengthening and the tension between Turkey and the United States. A positive factor for gold could be the growth in demand in China, where gold consumption for jewelry is growing.
  • The cost of oil is moderately reduced amid a slowdown in economic growth caused by the trade war between the US and China. The report of Baker Hughes also negatively effected the oil price, showing that over the past week the number of active drilling rigs in the US has grown to 869, the highest level since March 2015.
  • BTC/USD is growing today and is already traded above $6,400, playing the losses of the last week. BTC/USD and other crypto-currencies are traded on our platform 24/7, including weekends.