Binary options types

Migesco offers 5 types of binary options. If you are a beginner in binary options trading, start with the simplest, most understandable and popular “Digital”. In order to increase your profit, you can use other types of binary options. For example, when you trade “Touch” option you can get a profit up to 220% from the each trade. Different kinds of binary options can be more profitable depending on the degree of your confidence in the forecast, market situation and market conditions. We recommend to read the description of binary options types in order, because subsequent binary options type refer to the description of previous options, and use terms and concepts that are introduced earlier.

(also called Up & Down or Above & Below Option) is the most simple and popular binary option. When trading you have to guess if the underlying asset price is going to go up or down (be higher or lower than the market price) within an expiry period.

is a version of Digital Binary Option with short expiration time. It’s suitable for trading in the actively developing market.

is the fastest and most profitable of turbo options. Tick – a single change in the asset’s price, 5 ticks means 5 changes in quotations.

can be used if you can’t predict the market development but you can say if it’s going to move anywhere or stay at the same place.

is the option with the biggest payouts but you’re paid only if you predicted the right asset movement and the movement is strong enough to reach a certain price.