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ProfEx - is a is a leveraged trading mechanism that allows you to exchange one asset for the US dollar or another asset. Migesco offers over 250 assets for trading, that list includes all known cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and others), large companies' stocks (Facebook, Google, Apple), commodities (WTI, Brent, gold).

SimplEx - is a new form of trades execution, it differs from the traditional binary options, but it is based on same mechanism. SimplEx offers simplified mechanism to open trades, a large choice of assets for trading. and the ability to determine the ratio of potential risks and profits.

The expiration time is the moment when it is checked whether your forecast was true or not. Unlike the other financial market instruments, both at ProfEx and SimplEx trade expiration time is set by the trader.

The expiration time depends solely on the trading strategy, which trader follows. In case of setting Stop Loss and Take Profit expiration is the moment of reaching the established target levels.

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Binary options - are the most popular financial tool, that allows to get a pre-determined profit if you make a correct trading decision – where the asset's (commodity, stock, currency or index) rate will move - above or below after a certain period of time (from 60 seconds up to six months).

Binary options allow to earn money on a rate fluctuations of different assets. How binary options trading works?

Trader chooses asset - currency, oil, gold, silver, share of a world famous company, determines the direction of rate movement - whether the rate of the asset will go above or below than the rate fixed at the current moment, and makes a deal.

Our company offers more than 250 assets, that are traded on all the world's stock exchanges. What does that mean for you? It means that you can always find a best asset for trading, no matter where you are at the moment, because world markets never sleep!
Migesco cares about all traders and offers free special programs that helps to make binary options trading even more profitable. Trading signals, economic calendar, support of personal analyst, an individual educational course, a trading plan for the upcoming week - that's only a small part of the programs that our company has developed for you! Do not waste your precious time and do not miss the opportunity to earn money on binary options trading with Migesco!

Hundred times a day we answer one question: "How to learn binary options trading?" That is why Migesco pays special attention to binary options trading educational materials. Specialists of the company developed "binary options trading course", which is popular among beginners and experienced traders. Migesco proud that binary options trading is converted into a reliable, decent and profitable way to make money in the financial markets.

Why binary options have become so popular among traders?

First, because binary options are simple: all you only need is to select the asset, determine where the asset's rate will go - above or below in a certain time (from one to five minutes), enter the amount of the deal and get the profit.
Binary options are profitable — we offer up to 240% payout from one deal, while it is enough to get one point of rate change only to make a profit! It means that if you invest $500, you can earn $1200 per one deal!
Binary options are fast — it will take you two minutes only to open a trading account. Deal expiration time starts from one minute, it means that you can make a profit after 60 seconds!
Binary options trading is a trading with a limited risk, the trader risk is an amount of the deal, which trader can choose himself. Trader can control his investments, your success is in your hands, and Migesco is your reliable partner in the modern financial world!